Finding College Success and Well Being

College is certainly one of the most important transitional phases of your life because you are finally stepping out of the protective cocoon formed by your parents and teachers. It’s a time when you are going to define yourself and embark on a successful career, and this is why I find it really important that youngsters get the right kind of advice at this phase in their life.  Sadly, the best advice you can expect from most is “stay off the drugs son!”

College does present quite a few challenges, but it also holds most of the success secrets for the future. One thing I can assure you about college is that it is not the loaded mine-field that most of your “teenage drug and sex” movies make it out to be.

The following are some tips I have compiled for college success and well-being:

Stop chasing rainbows

College success has a lot to do with setting realistic goals. So if you have grown up with some unrealistic fantasies, now would be a good time to let go of them. Many of us are brought up in a fantasy world where we are the multi-talented, all-powerful kings and queens of our homes. However, some of our folks do not know when to stop with this, and the result is a disillusioned college kid. Most over-optimistic pet-talks and motivation programs will ask you to dream big, but most success secrets lay in painting a realistic picture of yourself and doing justice to it.

Take control

I may have sounded a bit discouraging with the last tip, but realism never hurts anyone does it? Once you know who you are and where your potentials lie, the journey does not end here. As most successful people will tell you, success lies in converting ideas into action. Sick of the cliché? Then get started on acting on it. Take control of your routine and no one can stop you from getting successful careers.

Manage your everyday routine well

Motivational talks about successful careers sound great, but amongst all the cheesy one liners, it is often easy to lose vision of what is really required to be successful in college. What you do on an hour to hour and minute to minute basis every day is what matters and this is where college success sits hiding behind all the fairy tales and corny success stories.

I can go on and on with these pieces of advice for well-being in college but what matters is what you do with this valuable opportunity at a very special age. So make the right choices and decisions and reap rich rewards for years to come.

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