Download Movies The Legal Way!

Downloading movies from movie websites has been around for quite some time now. They allow you to download or stream movies directly to your computer. But there are few websites out there, which could be illegal or a scam. On the other hand, to find a website which is legal and offers safe downloading may be time-consuming.

There are some websites out there which offer free downloading of movies online. However, they come with their share of problems – piracy.

Piracy has long been the easiest way of making movies available for free to anyone with an internet connection and ready to download it. To tell you the truth, this was one of my habits till a few years back. The temptation was simply too much guys!!

Now the movie studios have finally begun to wake up to the idea and are offering their movies online for download, for a fee of course! Also, legal sites offer videos that are offered by the owner of the multimedia with a one-off fee or for charity.

You can visit video streaming sites also to legally watch movies and TV programs. Though the number of providers in this relatively new legitimate service of movie download is still quite low, the more well established one being CinemaNow and Movielink. The latest one being Vongo a collaboration with AT&T.

Here are few points to remember while choosing movie websites to watch your movies online.

Price: Though the price of the legitimate movie downloads on movie websites is lower than the price of the actual DVD, it isn’t very low. This is because the distributors need to keep the retailer happy with their prices.

Space and Bandwidth requirements: A single movie can be of the size from 1200 MB to more than 6 GBs. This is why one requires a good broadband service to download movies.

I remember the embarrassing incident when I had to download a movie for a friend who would have collected it the next day. It still was not done downloading when he came in two days later!

So get a good hi-speed internet connection, before you attempt to download movies online.

To rent movies or buy them: Sometimes it can be quite confusing if one is presented with the offer whether to go for an outright purchase of the movie or rent for a limited time.

The answer lies in how many times you would like to watch the movie and whether you like to retain a copy for a lifetime or prefer watching it through online free movies.

Computer viewing only:  Due to the current restrictions present on the duplication of the legally downloaded movies, one can view it on your computer. One can circumnavigate this issue by hooking your computer to the TV or downloading to an electronic handheld device in the first place or even check out online free movies.

I think certainly in a few more years the prices offered by movie website would come down low enough for more and more people to go the legitimate way.

Have you downloaded any movies lately? Tell me about your experiences with the legitimate movie websites service in the comments below.

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