Disease Prevention – 5 Tips That Really Help

That “Health is Wealth” is not only a popular adage but also a popular headline, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Obama in pushing his healthcare policy. Whether or not you succumb to his policy is another question but I say that disease prevention is better than cure. With escalating healthcare costs and a bleak economic scenario, it is better that you never fall sick in the first place. Is that possible? Quite a bit, if you follow my easy tips.

The human body is prone to illnesses and you are bound to fall sick, sometime or the other. But you can avoid major health issues alright, with some easy steps.

5 Easy Tips to Prevent Diseases

Work it out right

 The benefits of exercise are related to maintenance of body weight or weight loss, blood pressure control and other beneficial changes in body. Even if you do not have the time to work out, a short exercise for as little time as 15 minutes can work wonders for you. This can include a 5 minute sprint, a 5 minute aerobic exercise and a 5 minute meditation.  Walking and cycling is also the effective way of engaging in physical activity.

Avoid stress

Stress increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in numerous ways. On the other hand, stress management can have a profound impact on health. For stress management, even a 5 minute meditation, practiced correctly, can help your body achieve a balance. This can be in the form of yoga or any other exercise that allows you to perform correct breathing exercises. As you meditate, the biofeedback mechanism in your body changes and your blood pressure stabilizes. Your breathing pattern becomes more normal and the levels of your stress hormones get lowered. If possible, listen to relaxing music alongside to maximize your efforts. Also Sleep well; at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for stress free and healthy life.

Reduce health abuse

Cardiac diseases and even memory loss diseases such as Alzheimer’s are known to occur due to excessive smoking and drinking. Even if you cannot give these up, reduce them to a minimum.

Eat well

Various infectious diseases and heart diseases have their roots in improper diet. Consult your doctor and prepare a diet that you can stick to everyday. It should include all essential minerals, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, co-factors and other nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis. Chew your foods slowly, to digest them properly.

Take dietary supplements

Most people in the U.S swear by the effectuality of dietary supplements. If you feel your diet is lacking in some essential nutrients, choose a good natural or herbal supplement from a reputed brand approved by the FDA and use it regularly. You should consult your doctor about the dosage and administration.

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