Can Dietary Changes Help In Disease Prevention?

It is often tough to change your eating habits. However, once you change your diet and know which food is good to eat and which food is best eaten in limited quantity, then you will be able to protect yourself from many health problems. The adage “Prevention is better than cure” has been handed down since many years and the prevention of diseases has always been a major concern for mankind. At least, it has been my concern for quite some time now. A sharp toothache one painful  night 7 years ago, made me realize for the first time, that I have been quite mean to my best friend, my body. I hope you wake up to this fact earlier than I did.

Where Did I Go Wrong?

When I summed up my life and habits to my doctor, she immediately gave me some pills along with two solid nuggets of advice. Change your lifestyle and change your diet. I began sleeping regular hours and ditched late-night trysts with work and movies. While that surely helped, what worked even quicker was my alterations in my diet. Just 3 weeks later, I started feeling better. The toothache was gone and I began to feel more energetic, less drowsy and more positive in my approach towards life and work.

Dietary Changes – How They Help in Disease Prevention

The relationship between diet and disease is cannot be denied. When it comes to the prevention of diseases, a healthy diet is the first thing that comes to mind. As we age, our body goes through various changes and it can mostly be described as a downhill journey. Unless you put in enough essential nutrients into your diet, the ageing process cannot be totally reversed.  A balanced diet consists of the following essentials:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Sunflower, soybean and flaxseed oils) – Fights diseases that are associated with memory loss, cardiac diseases and depression.

  • Vitamins (A, B, C and D, found in milk, meat products, eggs etc.) – Fights Osteoporosis, bone diseases, mental disorders and more.

  • Protein and Iodine – Fish, eggs, meat etc. are necessary to prevent thyroid diseases and other conditions.

  • Dairy products, rich in calcium – Milk, cheese etc., are essential to boost immunity and fight infectious diseases.

  • Carbohydrates found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains prevent heart diseases and diabetes.

The Right Diet – Consult and Get Informed

Although individual body type and requirements differ, there are certain basic nutrients necessary for every human being. Dietary insufficiency is a key issue and the starting point of most short and long-term health issues. Naturally, it is one area that you should immediately focus on if you wish to enjoy good health in the long run. Watch what you eat and you will get there. You will look and feel good for a long time to come.

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