Birth Control and Weight Gain

Does birth control cause weight gain? When it comes to birth control, weight loss is the last thing you think about. The estrogen in birth control pills is known to cause weight gain. The higher the estrogen dose, the greater the chance of excessive weight gain.
With some kinds of birth control, weight gain is almost inevitable. For example, Depo Provera, an injectable form of progestin only birth control is well known to cause weight gain that persists even after using the birth control for a long time. The average weight gain was more than six pounds and many had much more weight gain than that. Weight gain was in excess of 10 percent of total body weight in a quarter of users of the shot.

Birth Control and Weight Gain

Estrogen-based birth control pills cause birth control weight gain because of water retention. The more estrogen in the pill, the greater is the water retention. Estrogen stimulates the renin-angiotensin system in the kidneys making water retention easy. If you want to reduce complications of birth control and weight gain, make sure the estrogen content in the pill is less than 20 mcg per pill. This is a low concentration of estrogen but it is still effective as a contraceptive.

Does Birth Control cause Weight gain?

Unfortunately, birth control pills affect insulin resistance, putting fat into fat cells. They are also appetite stimulants. So not only do you eat more but more food is turned into fat and the fat is not processed correctly and it goes to fat cells, making you fat. So the answer to “does birth control cause weight gain?”, the answer is that it does in certain women. Some women are not predisposed to getting overweight while using birth control pills. Fortunately, with newer birth control, weight gain is not as much of a problem because insulin resistance is less.

The Best Birth Control for Weight Loss

There are ways to minimize the birth control weight gain and instead experience birth control weight loss. The best birth control pills are those that contain tiny amounts of estrogen or pills containing no estrogen, called the “mini-pill”. There is an increased chance of spotting between periods but this tends to pass. Talk to your doctor for discussion of what kind of birth control you need. If you’re not prone to weight gain, you can try a birth control pill with a moderate to high content of estrogen. It’s not the best birth control for weight loss but it does work in some patients.

Birth Control and Weight Gain

Your doctor will recommend a good birth control pill or injection for you. If you gain more than five percent of your total body weight, you should switch to a no estrogen or low estrogen pill. It means that you have some sort of insulin resistance and are at a great risk of getting diabetes later in life. It can help you control your lifestyle to avoid birth control weight gain and start and anti-diabetic lifestyle.

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